Computer Vision

Identity, classification and tracking made easy

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision entails a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that teaches computers to process an image at a pixel level, understand it, and take appropriate actions or make recommendations based on this understanding.  

Computer Vision in real life

For the longest time, human beings fantasized about creating machines that could function with human intelligence and perception, functioning with the thoughts and actions of a human. Computer vision has brought this fantasy to reality.  

Here are a few common applications of computer vision: 


Computer vision systems can analyze visual content and classify an object in a photo/video into a pre-defined category


The system can analyze visual content and identify a particular object or face in a photo or video stream


The system can process video, find an object (or objects) that matches the search criteria, and track its movement

Why does your business need Computer Vision?

By consuming real-time or recorded feeds from almost any source, and performing advanced AI such as face recognition, object detection, document processing and voice recognition, computer vision provides vital information to improve decision making and unlock business value.  

Increase accuracy of automated tasks

Process large volumes of information quickly

Achieve greater cost efficiencies over time

Reduce human error and time wasted

Digitize your data and records

Ensure a fully integrated experience

Find out how Mint’s Computer Vision offering enables your business with better processes and insights

Every business Can Beneft from Computer Vision

Designed from the ground up to integrate into your business, the platform makes simple, easy-to-consume events and notifications available to business systems and processes.

Consume any feed

Perform advanced analytics

Simple easy-to-access outcomes 

Achieve industry-specific outcomes

Cross-application integration

Liveness Detection

Face Recognition

Remote monitoring and control

Why Mint for Computer Vision?

Mint’s Computer Vision offering comprises years of research and development poured into the Intelligent Mint Vision platform. The Mint Vision Platform comprises various applications that can be used for various outcomes, from collecting feedback at a conference to opening turnstiles at a university. 

To discover more about how Computer Vision will benefit your organization, visit our Vision AI Suite or contact a member of our team. The visionAI Suite uses AI and RPA to automate customer interactions, onboarding, identity verification, and data extraction.

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