Computer Vision

The art of seeing the impossible with intelligent facial and object recognition

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision automates and streamlines information access and processing, bringing the power of advanced AI into any level of an organisation.

Mint’s Computer Vision offering consumes real-time or recorded feeds from almost any source, and performs advanced analytics such as face recognition, object detection, and voice recognition.

Built on the Mint Vision Platform, driven by Microsoft AI, your computer vision solution will be a reliable and trusted system, adding value to your existing business systems.

Computer Vision Offerings

Vision Verify

Vision Verify is an AI-driven mobile and desktop-based application built to enable your organisation to unlock the benefits of facial and object recognition for detection, identification, verification and authorisation of clients, staff and others in the digital world.

Vision Docs

Vision Docs is an AI-driven cloud service built to enable your organisation to process documentation and capture data faster and with more accuracy using AI and Machine Learning.

Vision Kiosks

Vision Kiosks is an AI-driven cloud service that harnesses facial and object recognition to integrate into existing business systems. Empower your on-the-ground workforce or customer base with self-service public kiosks which harness the secure AI cloud.

Why Mint For Computer Vision?

Mint’s Computer Vision Offering comprises years of research and development poured into the Intelligent Mint Vision platform. The Mint Vision Platform comprises various applications that can be used for various outcomes, from collecting feedback at a conference to opening turnstiles at a university.

Designed from the ground up to integrate into your business, the platform makes simple, easy-to-consume events and notifications available to business systems and processes.

Consume any feed
Mint GroupPerform advanced analytics
Simple easy-to-access outcomes
Achieve industry-specific outcomes
Cross-application integration

Mint Vision Solutions and Applications

Mint Vision Healthcare

Enable doctors, staff and admin personnel to work from any facility or device, monitor patients or track patients location within a healthcare network

Mint Vision Education

Implement Mint Vision for Education and reduce campus security risks, implement strict access control parameters and use sentiment analysis in lectures to engage with students on a one-to-one basis

Enabling intelligent no-touch employee home-and-office screening in real-time through AI-powered mobile apps and kiosks.

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