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Apps built using Power Apps provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business processes to digital, automated processes.

Whether you are looking to engage your employees, streamline your operations, automate your financial processes or improve analytical capabilities. 

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Hygiene and Facilities

Hygiene Logistics App

Manage Stock Levels, Record Stock Movement and Place Stock Orders Online

Real-Time Stock Control

Manage product stock levels, administration, scheduling, warehouse verification and operations from anywhere, any place with offline capabilities for field workers.
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Medical Facility Cleaning App

Monitor, record and analyze the cleaning allocations within clinics and hospitals

Real-time Cleaning Schedule Updates

This application caters for administration and cleaner tracking through the use of barcode/QR scanning to record and verify rooms and staff, with the ability to log queries and notes against rooms.
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Cleaning Services Management App

Manage requests and administration, track services rendered and log notes in one application

Facilities Logging

Manage services, administration and scheduling. Rack services rendered with offline capabilities for field workers. The application features GPS, photographic proof of work completed, and detailed timestamping.
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Financial Services

Asset Tracker App

Manage, track and locate business assets in an organisation

Track Assets With Ease

The app features a list of available equipment, that can be checked in and out, track allocation, time, and provide notifications accordingly. IT departments can also track asset repair costs in relation to warranty periods.
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Forecasting App

Access secure forecasts through dashboards of financial forecasts

Real-Time Forecasting Dashboards

This app allows for an access-controlled capture of forecasted information into a database. The data is then collated to allow for finance to then pull all information to a central place.
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Asset Sales App

Load and manage the sale of retired assets to employees

Manage Sales from a Single View

The app allows IT teams to record retired laptops and computers that employees can reserve to buy. A limit of devices per user can be imposed.
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Human Resources

Employee Headcount App

Load, onboard and change employees information in a simple app

Real-Time Employee Headcount

Capturing headcount numbers monthly which covers equity status, temp staff vs full time vs contractor, new recruits, staff retention, age analysis and tiering for reporting and compliance info.
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Policy and Procedure Acceptance App

Make organizational policy and procedures available through an app for easy reading and acceptance

Accessible Policies and Procedures

Access to all company policies and procedures with notification of updates and new policy releases. Once reviewed a digital acceptance of acknowledge receipt and understanding of information is saved for reporting purposes.
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Staff Movement App

Load and manage the sale of retired assets to employees

Automatic Updates of Staff Movement

Facilitates movement of staff notifications to impacted areas and functional heads. These updates can be automated to include different departments such as IT and Finance.
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Bulletin Board App

Share company and internal news from a central, accessible location

Keep Employees Up to Date with News

Users can post items for Sale, To Rent, Give-Away, etc, that other users can see, and view the details of. Item has to be approved by Admin before it can be viewed by other users.
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New Employee Position App

Create new employee records that alert relevant teams to facilitate seamless onboarding

Seamless Employee Onboarding

Facilitates the creation of new positions in the company with an approval workflow. A message in a workflow is sent to HR and other relevant teams to create the position on approval.
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Employee Recognition App

Nominate and recognize employees using an internal app

Reward and Motivate Staff

Enables staff members to be nominated for awards based on a company's values. Ensures recognition for employee performance and collaboration. This app integrates into Microsoft Teams.
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Leave Application App

Submit, approve and manage leave applications

Simple Leave Management

Allows users to submit leave applications to the HR department and their managers. If the application was not actioned within three days, it will be escalated to the manager's head.
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Skill Matrix App

Enable employees allocated to projects to build appropriate skill matrix documents

Quick Skills Matrix and CVs

Enables the capturing of all user skills and certifications, generating a populated and formatted skills matrix or CV into a Microsoft Word or PDF template.
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Travel Request App

Manage requests to travel, logistics, flights and transport from a single app

Manage Travel Applications

Submit travel requests with a 2 step approval. This allows budgeted and actual associated costs, allocation to projects or cost centers with notification of approvals and completion of travel requests.
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Office Administration

Tender Management App

Create impressive tenders using a single source to generate document tenders

Create Winning Tenders

Tender documents are created from predefined templates, allowing employee collaboration as well as an automated approval process to ensure reviews from all necessary parties prior to submission.
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Next-Generation Meeting Hub

Manage and share meeting minutes, recordings and confidential documentation in a secure app

Streamlined Meeting Admin

An app where all documentation can be shared across a specific group of people in a meeting. Users can vote whether or not the agenda items are approved or not, as well as generates a report of the meeting, and automate meeting notes and transcriptions.
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Records Management App

Document creation platform integrated with a Digital Signature Platform feature

Create professional documentation

An app that enables document creation based off if a set of templates. Once completed, it is then sent for approvals using a Digital Signature Platform.
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Stationery Request App

Order and manage stock levels of office stationery

Re-ordering of office essentials

The app enables users to request stationery items from a library. All requests require approval from the user's manager and the facilities representative.
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Assets & Devices Handover or Return

Manage returns and handovers of devices within your organization

Effective Asset Management

Registry of all Cell phones, iPads and Mediapads that are either handed over to employees or returned by employees.
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Customer Service Public Kiosk

Create interactive interfaces to aid in digital customer service

Real-Time Customer Service

Users submit application forms on various services, using an app on a public kiosk. The applications are then matched up with the user information stored in the cloud.
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Security & Transportation

Security Rounds App

Checklist functionality for security personell enabled with GPS Tracking

Real-Time Security Rounds

Check-listing app for security managers to ensure compliance of security guards stationed at clients. Allows GPS tracking of when the surveys were completed, as well as gathering of photo evidence for fault reporting.
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Visitors Log App

Log, manage and acquire visitor information when entering premises or authorized areas

Security with Access Control

Using facial recognition, this app assists reception to notify users of guests waiting at reception for a meeting. The guest uses the Power App at a kiosk to sign in and notify the host.
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Fleet Management App

Manage vehicles and fleets, keeping record of service history and incidents

Create professional documentation

The app is used for pool vehicle bookings by staff. There is a workflow associated with this app to request approval from the manager and the facilities managers.
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