Data-Driven Customer Insights

Access a seamless integration of business applications that work together in the cloud to provide invaluable client and marketing insights, using your data to work for you through Dynamics 365 insights and capabilities.

Why Data-Driven Insights with Dynamics 365?

Use your data to analyse behaviour, predict future actions, and drive operational excellence. Focus your customer relationship efforts on these leading indicators to enhance customer experiences and help your clients with the transition to become your ideal customers.
Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Get the benefits of using a data-driven insights solution

Maximise customer engagement ROI

Ensure that your resources are allocated where needed to increase sales conversion rates, customer loyalty, and overall organisational efficiency.

Reduced customer attrition

Identify key accounts in need of nurturing, and enable data-driven engagements that will help you serve your clients according to their preferences, needs, and unique trends.

Personalised customer journeys

Stop utilising a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagements – let data-driven insights personalise your interactions.

Relationship building and monitoring

Build and maintain client relationships based on their unique circumstances, history, and preferences.

Tailored and personalised targeting

Engage with your clients like never before and ensure that each action will yield a result.

Do you have a 360 view of your customers?
Get actionable insights using Dynamics 365 today.


Gain a real-time data-centric understanding of your ideal customer

Use cross-channel analytics to identify lagging accounts 

Get actionable insights to determine high priority customers

Gain AI-powered technology to create diverse ideal-customer models

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights