The Remarkable Value Delivered by Microsoft Viva – Part 01

The amazing features of Microsoft Viva

The Modern Workplace. The Connected Worker. Hybrid working. We would never have described our workplaces and employees using these terms two years ago, but the world as we know it has been flipped on its head. Now employees seek flexibility, connectivity, and meaning instead of structure and predictability.

The new world of work and the workforce’s attitude unlocks exciting opportunities for organizations. Businesses that have already embraced the new era have taken the lessons of the past two years and translated them into engaged employees and dynamic workplaces. As the Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index: Annual Report points out, “employees have a new ‘worth it’ equation,” and there is no going back…

It’s time to make hybrid work, well, work. At least, this is how Microsoft sees it, and is undoubtedly the ethos behind the reimagined Microsoft Viva, an integrated employee experience platform that helps your business build an ecosystem of connected, energized, and empowered people. With Microsoft Viva, it doesn’t matter where the office is; what matters is that it creates connections, that it keeps people connected, and it ensures that culture is built around processes and systems that embrace a connection.

Microsoft Viva consists of four pillars: Connection, Purpose, Insight, and Growth. Each pillar comes with a Microsoft Viva product set that’s designed to support the organization and its people:

  • Connection: Viva Engage and Viva Amplify
  • Purpose: Viva Goals
  • Insight: Viva Pulse
  • Growth: Viva Topics and Viva Learning

First up is… Microsoft Viva Connection

This pillar leverages the two key tools of Viva Amplify and Viva Engage that are designed to help you connect more effectively with your employees.

Microsoft Viva Amplify will help you to streamline your communication and engage with your employees, no matter where they are in the world. Whether your communication is synchronous or asynchronous, Amplify is designed to give you and your people clear and engaging communication spaces that are easy to use and access. The platform centralizes communication in a single space and then uses tools such as professional writing guidance and measurable communication outcomes to ensure that your communication is clear and understandable.

Microsoft Viva Engage will help you to connect people from across the organization so that everyone is included, no matter where or how they work. Engage’s Leadership Corner allows you to connect with your employees within existing communities. This gives your employees visibility into who their leaders are and an opportunity to create richer relationships across leadership and teams. You can create personalized leader views, showcase leader activity, create discussion points, and provide managers and employees with actionable insights and recommendations.

Next up is Microsoft Viva Purpose…

Microsoft Viva Purpose helps you align your teams’ work with your organization’s top priorities. It allows you to align goals and objectives throughout your organization and uses Microsoft Viva Goals to achieve this. Goals is a goal-setting and management solution that connects teams to their organization’s strategic priorities. This smart tool helps build your objectives and key results into your workflows across every Microsoft 365 app you use in your business. This means you can dig into Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, and even Power BI datasets to flesh out your key performance indicators and give your managers and employees compelling insights that they can use to improve performance and engagement.

Microsoft Viva Goals will improve collaboration, and personalized guidance, automatically update data and insights, and help create richer conversations across multiple levels of the business.

Then there is Mint…

Mint will help you to leverage the tools and functionalities embedded within the Microsoft Viva bouquet of services to create an empowered modern workforce. We can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Viva experience to create an integrated employee environment that allows people to learn, grow and thrive.

Not convinced… Stay tuned for Part 02, where we unpack the other feature sets available in Microsoft Viva…

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