Microsoft Viva Growth

Learn, grow, succeed

What is Microsoft Viva Growth?

People want to learn and grow as individuals and within their careers. They want routes to success and they want pathways toward opportunity. Microsoft Viva provides organizations with a wealth of tools designed to help your employees expand their knowledge and their potential. With Viva Learning – LinkedIn Learning, and Answers in Viva, you can create a unique learning experience for your employees.

Viva Learning – LinkedIn Learning Hub Integration offers immediate access to learning content to employees. People can navigate from Viva Learning Hub to LinkedIn Learning seamlessly and they can use this in-depth integration to further their skills development. Organizations can also create customized content and curated learning paths that align with specific roles and objectives.

Answers in Viva blends Viva Topics and social Q&A into a central space so that it’s easy for people to find the information they need when they need it. Viva Topics identifies experts and encourages them to contribute and Answers uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify approved responses and to recommend further expertise and topics to employees.

Microsoft Viva Growth implemented by Mint SA opens the door to a learning library that will transform how your people learn, grow and engage.

Viva Learning

Expand your knowledge base and employee learning opportunities with a LinkedIn Learning Hub Integration

Rich integration with LinkedIn Learning Hub

Automatic authentication and syncing across Viva Learning and LinkedIn Learning Hub

Consolidated admin experience

Keep company-specific content and custom content in the same ecosystem

Curated learning paths

Empower employees to learn new skills

Provide fresh career pathways and opportunities

Viva Topics

Match insights and experts to employee questions and expectations to build a culture of learning within your organization

Integrate Viva Topics and Viva Engage

Identify experts and encourage them to contribute knowledge

Reward experts that contribute to the system

Gamification-inspired engagement

Match employee questions to the right experts and answers

Use AI to surface questions and answers, recommend topics and experts and highlight best practice solutions

Create a forum for employees to gain answers to their questions

Build a learning culture that thrives

Digitally drive employee retention and business growth

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