Healthcare Technology Solutions

Provide better experiences and enhanced insights with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare with Technology

Mint’s Healthcare technology solutions provide trusted capabilities that make it easier to improve the end-to-end healthcare experience. From empowering healthcare team collaboration and elevating patient engagement to improving clinical and operational insights and protecting health information, we’ve got a solution to help you navigate the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Elevated Healthcare Experiences

Deliver Differentiated Experiences

Propagate data across every point of care to continually improve patient experiences and outcomes

Accelerate and coordinate care across complex, cross-team workflows in a secure, collaborative environment

Support your healthcare workforce

Optimize time with patients and reduce administrative burden

Boost clinician productivity

Enable faster documentation with accurate, responsive dictation and virtual assistant capabilities

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Dynamics 365

Create healthcare experiences across the entire patient journey. Securely connect people, data, and processes to build unified patient profiles, enable care coordination, and make data-driven decisions.

Microsoft 365

Improve patient outcomes by simplifying teamwork across care teams, enhancing quality of care through virtual visits, and reducing costs by streamlining fragmented workflows.


Deliver better health insights and outcomes as you enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, and improve clinical informatics and operational insights—with trusted cloud capabilities.

Power Platform

Uncover data-driven insights that improve clinical decision-making and care experiences while transforming healthcare operations and outcomes.

Microsoft Teams

Enable simple, secure collaboration and communication across doctors, admin, clinicians and nurses from a single hub.


Automate document extraction, enhance patient and doctor onboarding and authentication and automate stock and item tracking with computer vision AI. 

Achieve better outcomes across healthcare

Improve patient experiences, orchestrate integrated operations across clinical and administrative staff, and gather new levels of insight to improve operational outcomes. Learn how Mint’s Healthcare Technology Solutions can work for your business. 

Clinical documentation

Give physicians the flexibility to complete patient notes at their convenience and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation

Connected patient experiences

Help patients access care on their own terms and interact directly with health teams. Simplify routine tasks for higher patient satisfaction and care transparency

Health team productivity

Enhance health-team coordination and collaboration to simplify complex workflow management and accelerate decision support and action across your organization

Health data management

Connect people and health data from across disparate systems, creating insights to predict risk, accelerate care decisions, and help drive better health outcomes

Security and compliance

Create a holistic approach to data security, privacy, and compliance to prevent incidents that could disrupt patient care

Empower Your Business with Healthcare Technology Solutions