Dynamics 365 Cloud Optimisation

Maximise the value of your Dynamics 365 Cloud investment


Maximise Your Dynamics 365 Cloud

Welcome to SurveilMint – a surveillance-led offering for customers looking to maximise on their current Dynamics 365 investment.

Our cloud optimisation platform comprises advanced analytical capabilities, helping you understand your businesses optimisation, security and organisational control issues better.

73% of organizations are incurring cloud wastage from overspending on their cloud investments. SurveilMint was built to allow you to identify the wastage, condense your cloud requirements and boost overall return on investment for your cloud technology.

Dynamics 365 License Optimisation In Three Steps

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Invaluable visibility into your Dynamics 365 environment and usage
Reveals optimisation opportunities and allows you to take control

Output-Driven Dynamics 365 Surveillance

Dynamics 365 Cloud Optimisation starts with a license optimisation assessment. This assessment is a guided, free to run survey which reveals hidden opportunities to optimize usage and costs for all your Dynamics 365 applications, including Business Central, FSCM and CRM.


What You Get?

Following the three-week surveillance period, a custom License Optimisation report is produced that contains insights into:

  • Business summary
  • Key recommendations
  • Current costs and usage stats
  • Finance optimisation
  • Cloud wastage stats
  • Optimisation opportunities

Key Benefits Of Optimizing Your Dynamics 365 Environment

  • Tap into cost saving opportunities – including potentially unused Dynamics 365 benefits
  • Empower decision-making using insights into the usage, wastage, and potential of your resources
  • Typically identifies savings of between 17 and 30% on average
  • Mint does all the work for you with insights being gathered automatically in the background
  • Findings and recommendations presented clearly in a custom PDF format

Take The First Step Today

Whether you are doing business on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, a suitable solution assessment exists to ensure optimised cloud-based processes and improved operations with a scalable foundation for future business growth.

Contact Mint to get an optimisation assessment completed, which can form the base of your cloud enhancement journey.