Acada-Mintie Program

Creating a better tomorrow through the Mint ERP Academy

Empowering people to reach their full potential

In an industry constrained by skills shortages, we established our Mint ERP Academy, The Acada-Mintie Program, to meet our growing talent requirements in a highly competitive skills environment. ┬áThe Academy is aimed at cross-skilling people – using the technology in their current roles – into a consulting role.

Mint has a strong commitment to empowering people and supporting them to reach their full potential. Our Academy gives us the platform to deliver against this commitment and, at the same time, contribute to finding a solution to mitigate the skills shortage.

Pivot Your Career Today

In partnership with Microsoft, and with two training providers, Mecer Inter-Ed and LGIT Smart Solutions, Mint has created a learning experience featuring both technical elements of training and non-technical development components.

Do you meet the following qualifying criteria?

In order to successfully be selected for this program, you must meet at least two of the following requirements: