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In today’s new normal, don’t give your frontline workers yesterday’s tools

Are you considering your frontline workforce?

Frontline workers are an essential part of your organization – they are the first to engage your customers, the first to see products and services in action, and the first to represent your brand.

Yet, many frontline workers find themselves held back by legacy tools and processes, often being the last to experience the transformational benefits of modern technology.

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of frontline workers are excited about the job opportunities tech creates
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of frontline workers say they even value tech tools over mental health and wellness benefits

Empower Frontline Workers with Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, the world’s productivity cloud, we help companies of all sizes and across all industries provide their employees the tools and expertise they need to do their best work, without sacrificing the security of their organization or customers’ data.

Provide frontline workers with tools that give them flexibility, a sense of purpose, and the right knowledge to improve business outcomes.

What Frontline Workers Require


Give workers the flexibility to focus on what matters Help frontline workers spend more time on crucial processes and customer interactions, and less time on manual tasks and schedule conflicts.


Help workers embrace your company mission Create brand ambassadors and operation champions by recognizing great work and empowering your frontline with tools to align them to company goals.


Provide the right knowledge at the right time Exceed business expectations by making it easy to onboard new employees, share insights, and collect great ideas on the ground.

Frontline Workers are the face of your business

Maximize their impact with Microsoft 365

Facilitate frontline workforce communication and connection

Connect deskless workers with the right people, tools, and knowledge to get their job done

Consolidate frontline operations and processes

Automate task and service processes with digital workflows that connect to systems of record 

Transform the employee experience with technology

Use social, intranet, learning, and wellbeing features to engage and empower frontline workers

Help protect your workforce and safeguard your business

Keep your business safer with built-in security and compliance across identities, email, apps, and endpoints

Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers

New data shows that now is the time to empower the frontline with the right digital tools

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