Microsoft Cloud Enterprise Solutions

Accelerate your journey to digital transformation with Mint Group.

Who is Mint?

Mint Group is a leading Microsoft Partner of Choice specialising in consultancy and development of turnkey IT solutions. With offices in South Africa, Africa, the UK, and Australia, Mint provides transformed enterprise software solutions across the Microsoft Cloud Stack including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure & AI.

We enhance business performance by offering technology solutions that elevate our clients’ capacity to deliver superior stakeholder experiences, leading to increased value and equity.

We believe that to excel in the modern competitive marketplace, a business needs to focus on having an in-depth understanding of its clients, positively engage its employees and ensure smarter systems across the board.

Why Choose Mint?

We’ve been crafting solutions to help improve customer experience, increase agility, and improve operational efficiency since 1999. By making use of AI and cognitive services we are accelerating the digital transformation journey for businesses and government institutions around the globe.

We are a skilled Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with expertize across all 3 Microsoft Clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.

Mint Group is proud to have received Microsoft’s endorsement, through the Solutions Partner designations, for our ability to deliver exceptional customer outcomes. We’re a Solutions Partner for the following designations:

Enable Business Transformation with Enterprise Software Solutions

Navigate the digital world with certainty and clarity.

Mint Group unravels your business complexity with the power and innovation of Microsoft Enterprise Software Solutions.

Looking for the next generation of CRM, ERP, and Power Apps? The capability of Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365? The flexibility of Azure? The intuitiveness of Artificial Intelligence? Mint’s expertise will guide and simplify your Microsoft journey.

As a preferred Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we help you move to the cloud and manage your cloud journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Transform your Business with Cloud Applications

Looking for enterprise software solutions to take your business forward? Mint Group holds great skill and expertise across the Microsoft cloud service offering helping your business automate and embrace the latest technologies. Our Vision AI suite helps you gain meaningful insights from images, documents, and videos by harnessing the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence.

Learn more about each Microsoft cloud service and our powerful Vision AI suite below:

Mint Group is a Leading Provider of Microsoft Enterprise Software Solutions

Holistic Technology Experience

Experience an end-to-end technology solution with Mint Group.

As part of our solution offerings, Mint Group has the capabilities to provide clients with expert consultancy and advisory services to help them streamline and optimise their business processes with:

Business Consultancy

Implementation Consultancy




Project Management

Digital Enablement


Cloud Enablement

Discover a Suite of Microsoft Cloud Enterprise Software Solutions

Explore Mint Group’s comprehensive range of cloud-based enterprise solutions, tailored to optimise your business processes within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Ready to streamline your business’s digital transformation? 

Harness the power of cloud-based customer relationship management systems

Streamline operations with Dynamic 365's enterprise resource planning software

Enhance business functions using automation and low-code features

Your partner in delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions

Empower your team with our cloud-based enterprise solution

Your partner in delivering integrated cloud strategies and solutions


Unlock your full potential with our advanced Vision AI technologies

Transform your business on Azure, the leading cloud platform

Industry and Market Accolades

FSI Partner of the Year

IAMCP Partner of the Year 2023

Community Partner of the Year

IAMCP Partner of the Year 2023

P2P Partner of the Year

IAMCP Partner of the Year 2023

Retail Partner of the Year

IAMCP Partner of the Year 2023

Top ICT Women Business

Top Women Awards 2023

Top Women in Business Finalist

Top Women Awards 2023

Best HR Industry Innovation

Future of HR Summit 2023

Create Tomorrow

At Mint, we place people at the center of everything we do to ensure a seamless blend of people, processes and technology that fosters innovation.

Our culture embraces an ethos of being First and ensuring that in everything we do, we create tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions about enterprise software solutions

Enterprise software solutions, often referred to as enterprise systems, are robust platforms designed to integrate and manage multiple business processes within an organisation. These solutions streamline everything from managing project tasks to ensuring seamless communication and data sharing across departments.
ERP software, or enterprise resource planning software, is a comprehensive system designed to integrate various business processes such as supply chain management, inventory management, and project management software into a unified platform. This ensures streamlined operations, better data connectivity, and improved decision-making across an organisation.