Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Access a seamless integration of business applications that work together in the cloud to provide invaluable client and marketing insights, using your data to work for you through Dynamics 365 insights and capabilities.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM and ERP system that delivers invaluable client and organisational insights that will help you enable sales cycle predictions and arm you with the necessary BI to drive valuable conversations. As a top 1% global business applications integrator for three years running, we deliver next-generation intelligent CRM and ERP solutions and experiences, seamlessly blending people, processes and technology for success.
Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Transform your business with Intelligent Business Applications

Dynamics 356 Customer Engagement

Transform the way you engage with customers through intelligent marketing, real-time analytic, sales views and Social Selling.

Bring customer data together from multiple hubs in real time to create a 360-degree view of your customers.

Sell better digitally by activating buying experiences with today’s sales and remote engagements.

Ensure customer retention and satisfaction by automating customer service processes with vitual agents.

Automate marketing tasks and personalise customer journeys with intelligent insight-driven communications and campaigns. 

Dynamics 356 Enterprise Resource Planning

Run your business operations in the ERP Cloud, ensuring your manufacturing, finance, supply chain, and operations align.

Manage your supply chain planning and productivity by ensuring smooth and disruption-free  operations. 

Create project-centric processes by enabling visibility, collaboration, and agility throughout all operation units.

Improve financial controls, implement best-in-class accounting systems and enable visibility throughout the financial business.

Improve stack taking protocols, manage the movement of inventory and manage your warehouse with digital automation. 

Business Applications suited for your business

Increase your win rate with improved sales views and strategies

Increase engagement with tailored customer offerings

Meet and exceed customer service expectations

Mint Group
Gain a detailed view of customer using deep analytic features

Elevate your Human Resources process and empower your employees

Streamline reporting processes

Combine CRM, ERP and BI software and insights

Automate your operations and simplify your supply chain

Dynamics 365 Benefits

Unify business data, people and processes

Next-level customer engagement with the intelligent CRM

Drive targeted decisions based on intelligent insights

Access intelligent business applications that adapt to your needs

Build intelligent customer relationships

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