Maximize ROI: Get the Most out of Your ERP Implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems don’t deliver on their return on investments (ROI) and often fail completely.

McKinsey found that the average organization only squeezes out 67% of the maximum financial value from their ERP.

Around 55% of the value of transformation is lost during and after the implementation of the solution with only 30% of companies reporting digital transformation success.

Another often mentioned fact attributed to Gartner (but rarely linked to) is that 80% of ERP projects fail.

This isn’t true. The real number is the same as the one cited by McKinsey – 55% – and was more about how the ERP project missed expectations rather than drowned completely.

Fact or fiction?

The real truth is that you can get measurable and intensely valuable ROI on your ERP investment. It doesn’t have to be a project that you dread or that eats money or leaves the business wanting more. You can absolutely maximize your ROI on your ERP.

This is proven. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, for example, was found to deliver a ROI of 122%, finance personnel productivity improvements of up to 55%, IT staff productivity improvements value at more than $400,000, and legacy cost savings of more than $3.5 million.  These were just some of the findings in the Forrester Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance analysis.

The key is in ensuring that your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP is aligned with your true business needs and expectations, sits within realistic budget requirements, and is designed with your unique environment in mind.

But, where do I find the key?

Mint has it.

Mint ProActive™ is designed to re-imagine how you approach your digital transformation using Mint ProActive™ Discover and Mint ProActive™ Transform.

Mint ProActive™ Discover ensures that you prioritize your business requirements before you start down the implementation road. With a fast and accurate evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP against your business, Mint ensures that you invest into the right ERP foundation for your business. Fast and simple to use, Mint ProActive™ is designed to ensure that you get ROI from your ERP right from the start – day one – because every aspect of the implementation has been aligned to fit your environment correctly.

Mint ProActive™ Transform then steps in to take the guesswork out of your Dynamics 365 ERP implementation process. This means you get functional and technical solution design that includes third-party solutions, configuration settings, solution gap identification, and clearly defined processes to help with change management, training and system building.

Each of these cogs helps turn your ERP wheel in the right direction, removing the traditional challenges associated with ERP projects by shifting how the entire process is managed and delivered. Considering that implementation, high and unexpected costs, poor change management and inefficient capabilities and functionalities are the most cited reasons for ERP failure, Mint believes that it’s absolutely critical to ensure that the right foundations are put in place from the outset.

Mint collaborates. This is how we ensure that we find the right ERP solution for your business and that it is implemented in a way that delivers maximized ROI over the long and the short term. We will help you meet all of your project and business objectives for significantly less time and money, and we will ensure that your ERP implementation will empower your entire organization.

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