Embracing Remote Work in UAE: Powered by Microsoft Modern Workplace

It’s yet another beautiful day in the UAE. As a South African living in the UAE, while working for Mint South Africa, I find myself in the fortunate position of navigating the digital world from my sunny UAE home – making a living while still having the freedom to explore a different culture. How, might you wonder? It’s all thanks to Microsoft Modern Workplace, a suite of tools that makes this digital, globally connected lifestyle not just possible, but also immensely enjoyable.

The How: Embracing Microsoft Modern Workplace

Living in the UAE while working for a South African company might sound logistically complex, but that’s far from reality. Microsoft Modern Workplace allows me to bridge geographical barriers and makes remote work feel as seamless as working from a physical office.

I use these components to make my life easier:

  1. Microsoft Teams: This communication platform makes working across continents feel like a breeze. I’ve scheduled, attended meetings, and had one-on-one video calls with my team and clients in South Africa without hiccups. The in-built chat function is perfect for quick catchups, and the file-sharing feature keeps all relevant documents accessible.
  2. OneDrive and SharePoint: Managing and sharing files across time zones can be a daunting task. But OneDrive and SharePoint ensure that all files are backed up, secured, and easily accessible, no matter where in the world you are.
  3. Office 365: From Word to Excel to PowerPoint, all my essential office tools are just a click away. The fact that it’s cloud-based means I can access my work from any device, wherever I am.

The Benefit: Building Bridges, Not Walls

The benefits of this lifestyle are innumerable. Here are just a few:

Flexibility: Being able to work remotely offers incredible flexibility. I can work around my schedule, across time zones, while exploring the UAE.

Enhanced Productivity: Contrary to what some may believe, working remotely doesn’t mean working less. In fact, without the commute and the distractions of an office, I’ve found my productivity levels soaring.

Global Collaboration: I love the fact that I can connect with my team in South Africa in real-time in an environment that transcends geographical borders.

Work/Life Balance: Working remotely has significantly improved my work-life balance. I have time to spend with family and friends, pursue hobbies, and generally enjoy life outside work.

In conclusion, Microsoft Modern Workplace has been a game-changer in my professional life. It’s made it possible to work seamlessly and productively from a different country, adding rich experiences to my personal life while keeping my career on track. For anyone considering remote work, I highly recommend giving Microsoft Modern Workplace a try.

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