Office is 365. What does this mean?

Microsoft Office is now Microsoft 365 

 Wait. Hasn’t it always been a part of Microsoft 365? 

 Yes, you would be forgiven for wondering what the difference is. This is a common confusion. With Microsoft constantly refreshing its ecosystem, it’s easy to get lost in what goes where or what it means when Microsoft announces that Office 365 is part of Microsoft 365 in 2020, and then goes on to merge the suite of apps into M365 completely as of 2022. 

What this means for you is: 

 The logo has changed. Now, instead of seeing the traditional orange squircle that sat beside apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams, these apps will show the new blue and purple logo that embodies the whole of the M365 ecosystem.  

  • You can collaborate, connect, share information, create insights and use all the different features included in the M365 ecosystem seamlessly. As everything is interconnected, it makes it far easier for you to use different features and applications. This comprehensive integration means faster work and better productivity. 
  • It also means that you will find it far easier to work with people both synchronously and asynchronously as you will all sit within the same ecosystem and have access to shared spaces and data. By pulling everything into one place Microsoft is effectively making it less confusing to work across apps and spaces. 
  • M365 also lets you track updates, tasks and comments across all files and engagements at any time. It helps people to start working where others have left off and to ensure that no elements of a project or document are accidentally missed. 
  • It reduces confusion and app overwhelm. With people working on different platforms in different time zones and different groups, it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed by choice and the sheer volume of spaces available to them. What this new iteration has done, is bring all the right apps together in one space so users can find what they need, faster. Essentially, it’s now a centralized hub from which all apps extend like spokes from a wheel – everything is connected and accessible. 

As a business, you’re probably wondering what this will mean for your licensing. The answer is – not a lot. Your existing subscription plan is unlikely to change with the shift, but you will get the benefit of all the added features and solutions. Mint can help you to refine your approach to M365 with these changes in mind – we’ve got extensive experience in this space, and we can ensure that your use of the platform is optimized and that your business processes are ready for the future of work. 

Get in touch, and let us help you squeeze out every last drop of M365 juice from the ecosystem, and gain every one of the new benefits it promises the modern workplace. 

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