Mint Shapes The Future For Digitally-Led Client Journeys

In line with Mint Management Technologies evolution from a single entity to a global group, the organisation announced its new focus of driving a digitally-led strategy for its clients across regions and multiple technology areas.

Assuming responsibility for this focus is former Mint South Africa ECM Executive, Francois Pienaar, who has now assumed the role of Sales Executive for Mint Group.

Rendering Pienaar as the most suitable individual to ensure success in this position is his past experience of ensuring delivery across all Mint practices, which provided him with a thorough understanding of client needs and requirements as well as employee productivity.

Commenting on Pienaar’s new role, Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit states that “he is perfectly positioned to help Mint’s clients transition from traditional to digitally-led organisations owing to his history in the company as well as his extensive technological experience and knowledge.”
He explains that the new business focus will help Mint to continue the journey of modernising its sales processes and evolving its sales discipline and approach to selling, thereby ensuring continued delivery of exceptional value to its clients.

Digitally-Led Transformation

Yvonne Dias, Mint’s products business, .go, executive, points out that, to ensure survival and competitiveness in the digital era, organisations need to implement digital strategies that will help them reach digital maturity. “This entails the establishment of a strategy that encompasses all channels across the organisation, safeguards employee buy-in and upskilling, and maintaining a close relationship with IT departments.”
She adds that digital transformation should not take place in leaps and bounds but should be a well-planned strategy executed step-by-step with clear objectives set out and measured. “Ensuring the right approach towards digital maturity is key to ensuring success, exceptional market performance and the retention of exceptional resources.”

Pienaar concurs, cautioning that organisations need to understand that digital transformation does carry risk if a proper strategy is not implemented.

“Digital transformation is a big change for any organisation. In my new role as the Mint Group Sales Executive it is my responsibility to guide our clients and partners alike with regard to their digital transformation objectives, align this to their existing digital competence and usage, and drive their next steps in the evolution of becoming a digitally-led business.”

He explains that Mint engages with its clients at a strategic level, enabling them to merge into the new digital era where change is constant and possibilities are endless. “We do not just want to sell products, we want to build partnerships. Therefore, our sales executives and teams invest a lot of time in understanding and identifying the gaps and challenges evident in digital transformation and how we can best help our clients.”

Digital transformation is an ambitious goal, Pienaar reiterates, adding that Mint’s focus is aligned to Microsoft’s digital transformation objectives of re-inventing productivity and business processes, building out the intelligent cloud and creating more personal computing.
He concludes that, while Mint establishes a client’s roadmap to digital transformation, the organisation will only execute on the requirements that form part of its core skill sets and source best-of-breed partners for other areas. “It is our aim to create tomorrow together by finding unsurpassed solutions for our clients.”

About Mint Group

Mint Group is a Microsoft Gold IT consultancy and systems integrator providing innovation and disruption in the digital age. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with expertise across all 3 Microsoft Clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, we craft solutions to help improve customer experience, increase agility, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation journey with AI and cognitive services for businesses and government institutions globally.