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Mint Group can empower you to transform your cloud journey through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Take advantage of a cloud portal that allows you to manage your licensing and subscriptions and enable cloud billing. In addition to the enhanced capabilities a CSP can give you, Mint Group also offers free cloud assessments that give you a report of your current cloud landscape, allowing you to carefully plot your next steps.

Choose your products and services, manage your subscriptions and billing preferences, and access streamlined support services – all in one place.

Microsoft's New Commerce Experience is here

Get the latest in the evolution of Microsoft’s CSP program. NCE provides the opportunity to simplify and manage subscriptions, billing, licensing and payments.

Find Out How Mint Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Cloud Technologies.

Optimise your Software Infrastructure

Choosing a CSP means your licensing and subscriptions are made easy.

As a premier Microsoft partner, we work with our clients to optimise their cloud infrastructure and roadmaps.
Here is how a CSP can help you:

Cloud Billing

Manage pricing, automate invoices, manage and bill subscriptions in a cloud portal.

Cloud Provisioning

Provision and automate Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Azure Reserved Instances.

Cost Management

Keep track of your Azure spending and billing with an effective budget alerts feature.

Cloud Assessments

Get a report of your environment with free cloud assessments across all Microsoft Clouds.

Optimise every part of your business with a CSP

Manage licensing, billing and instances for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure and Windows and SQL Server workloads. 

The Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud

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Apply for a solution assessment investment from Mint Group. If you qualify, Mint will conduct an obligation-free refinement workshop with your stakeholders to plot your cloud journey. 

Whether you are doing business on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, a suitable solution assessment exists to ensure optimised cloud-based processes and improved operations with a scalable foundation for future business growth.

Explore a Free Solution Assessment across these workloads:

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