Microsoft 365 Health Check

Control cost wastage and inefficiencies, get deep analytics and actionable insights with a Microsoft 365 assessment

Why Do a Microsoft 365 health check?

Mint’s short-term Microsoft 365 Assessment is the first word in a productive conversation around optimization, security, and organizational control.

The Health Check provides our clients with an easy, no-obligation proof of concept; the results often speak for themselves.​

It is the first step in better understanding your Microsoft 365 environment – allowing you to take decisive action on cost optimization, adoption, and security.

Now you can access a summarized snapshot of current and forecasted licensing spend, potential savings opportunities, areas of risk, and solution usage. With a quick and simple Microsoft 365 assessment. 

Using short-term, read-only access to your current environment, the Health Check gains insights into:

How can a Microsoft 365 Health Check Help you?

The Microsoft 365 assessment information lets you gain stakeholder investment, identify priorities, and make better-informed decisions. ​

Improved decision making

Actionable insights

Risk mitigation and governance

Cost optimization opportunities

Clear – yet powerful – data

What you get out of a Health Check

Everything you need to know about your Microsoft environment for a clear view of the future

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