Your Comprehensive Azure Services Solution

Secure Your Cloud Environment Effectively with Azure Guardian

How Azure Guardian Works

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure. Secure your cloud environment effectively while receiving any technical support you might need to get more value from this powerful solution.

Azure Guardian is a comprehensive Azure Services Solution, going far beyond Azure technical support – it enables value throughout the entire Azure ecosystem, helping you to:

Establish, Maintain, and Optimize Your Azure Infrastructure

  • Get expert assistance in managing your operations in the cloud, backed up by proactive maintenance and proven optimization best practices.

Get Support and Management of Your Azure Cloud

  • From maintenance to tenant administration – and everything in between – Azure Guardian is your ideal solution.

Enable Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)

  • Simplify sign-in processes for users accessing multiple Azure services
  • Seamlessly integrate your on-premises and cloud identities

Enhance Security on Your Azure Cloud Environment

  • Integrate security controls, like MFA, CA and RBAC

Reap the Benefits of a Well-Maintained Azure Environment

Security and Compliance
Mint offers robust security measures to protect the cloud environment. This includes regular security audits, threat detection, and compliance checks to ensure data privacy and protection and regulatory compliance.

Cost Optimization
We help you manage and reduce your Azure costs through efficient resource utilization and budget management.

Performance Monitoring
We continuously monitor the performance of Azure services and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance, coupled with proactive health management, we make sure your downtime is minimal.

Disaster Recovery and Backup
Implement effective disaster recovery and backup strategies to protect your data from Ransomware and other threats and to ensure business continuity.

Ensure Maximum Value with Expert Azure Services

Comprehensive Coverage: Everything Azure, all in one place! 

Security First: Protect your cloud environment with confidence 

Expert Guidance: Leverage our Azure expertise for optimal results 

Seamless Integration: Bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud 

As a Microsoft Security Designated Partner, Mint Group ensures the security of your data, environment and projects is upheld at all times. You can trust Mint to handle your work with care.

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