Data-Driven Citizen Insights

Cut costs and free up resources to ensure departments can focus on increasing efficiency, embracing automation, and providing next-generation service delivery that transforms society.

Putting Citizens first with Data-Driven Decisions

Ensure service delivery is always one step ahead by using AI-driven analytics and unlock citizen insights. Access the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 combined with Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and gain unprecedented insights into public needs and behavior.

Create a smarter city that benefits all citizens and public sector staff by activating first-world implementations that save your department money and time. 

How does Mint’s Data-Driven Insights offering empower the Public Sector?

Empower staff and firstline workers with the tools to make citizen-first decisions

Enable targeted decisions and strategies that drive government-focused outcomes

Develop a cloud roadmap that integrates your new and legacy systems

Predict citizen behaviour and create processes based on predicted trends

Enable data-driven marketing communications initiatives

Get actionable insights into your citizens and firstline workers with Dynamics 365.


Maximise staff engagement success factors

Monitor staff and citizen relationships

Combine data and insights into a single view

Real-time data with Customer Insights

Get Data-Driven Student Insights

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