SMART Recognize

Use AI-Driven Computer Vision technology to facilitate facial recognition, object recognition (OCR), document scanning and automation. 

AI-Driven Recognition technology for People, Documents and Process Automation

SMART Recognize enables organizations to use the power of Computer Vision to automate various business processes while keeping one step ahead of the competition. Whether your need is to use face recognition technology to automate customer interactions and experiences, or use document scanning to extract and create intelligent digital documents, SMART Recognize offers an affordable packaged solution to automate mundane tasks and integrate your business processes to drive business outcomes.

What Do You Get From SMART Recognize?

Face Recognition, Identity, Verification and management of people within a process

Document scanning including extraction, classification and searchability

Automation of tasks between the physical and virtual worlds

Built On Reliable technology

Vision AI

Power BI

Enterprise Service Bus

Azure Service Bus

Azure App Services

Azure API Management

Azure Storage

Azure SQL Databse

Azure Key Vault

Azure Role-Based Authentication

The Benefits of SMART Recognize

Secure storage of personal customer data or organizational data

Implement KYC processes for onboarding and interacting with customers

Quick registration and access to the system, ensuring a good customer experience

Integration into government databases for authentication and KYC purposes

Accessible through a mobile application that can be accessed on-the-go

Document digitsation and integration into existing storage systems

Get SMART Recognize Today

The possibilities are endless when driving meaningful business outcomes. The SMART Recognize platform allows access to the following technologies to be integrated into your systems:

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