Taking AI into the business with Azure

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides organisations with immense potential – providing companies with a stream of benefits that include automation, insights, analytics, reduced reliance on manual processes and improved decision-making. This makes AI a much-needed digital ally for growth. However, having an AI strategy versus implementing it are proving to be very different. Research undertaken by Foundry and Searce found that a mere 40% of companies have managed to implement their AI projects successfully.  

Why? Because of risk. Companies want to know that the technology they’re integrating is going to deliver the value they need without compromising their already strained cybersecurity resources. This challenge is compounded by discussions around ethical use, the impact on employees, skilled people to manage and maintain the technology, and regulatory concerns.  

However, instead of viewing these challenges as blockages to adoption, companies can leverage trusted technologies to pursue their AI strategies without compromising on risk.  


The stability of Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure has already proven itself a reliable ally to the organisation. Offering an infrastructure built on a solid cybersecurity foundation and within an ecosystem of consistent research and development (R&D), Azure is scalable and reliable. It’s also growing – over the past year, Microsoft’s Azure has gained 2% market share and significant ground on its competitors. 

Microsoft Azure AI sits within the Microsoft Azure environment and brings a variety of AI treats to the table. Your company can benefit from machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, and other key AI capabilities within a platform that has proven its value and security. Your business can leverage its AI strategy using a variety of Azure AI services that have been designed to make it easier for your business to take advent age of all the potential AI has to offer. 


The value of a shared strategy 

In a recent analysis of how organisations can best build a foundation for AI, Microsoft pointed out that  benefitting from AI also asks that there is a strategy to ensure the business is capable of meeting the unique demands of AI. Microsoft has been recognised as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services for four years in a row which means that the company shares the same commitment to squeezing out value from any AI investment as you do. You have your own AI strategy, but you equally want to build it on stable and sustainable foundations.  

Microsoft’s long-term AI focus and continued investment into creating AI solutions that integrate smoothly within its own architecture ensures that your AI strategy within this ecosystem has longevity.  


A trusted technology partner 

By using a trusted Microsoft partner, like Mint, you can establish precisely what strategy works within your unique business environment while ensuring you can support this focus with relevant an agile AI technology. This is echoed by Microsoft, who believes that the best way to ensure you benefit from AI is to work with a company that understands the technology on a deep level 

Mint has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft that ensures we have what it takes to help you get the value you need from your AI investments and strategies. In addition to understanding how we can best support your AI objectives, we can provide you with informed insights into the best Azure implementation so you can transform your business on every level.  


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