How to Leverage FastTrack to Accelerate Your Dynamics 365 Implementation

During the last year, Mint has drawn on Microsoft’s prestigious FastTrack programme to provide future-focused businesses with efficient, timely, and effective customer success services on Dynamics 365 projects. But what is FastTrack and what difference could it make in your upcoming cloud implementation? Read on to find out how you can leverage this value-added service to build a better tomorrow for your business and customers. 

 Mint has been engaged in the portfolio model with FastTrack for Dynamics 365, where our Center of Excellence (CoE) receives FastTrack guidance and support for all our Projects. We are committed to bringing the Success by Design Framework to all our Dynamics 365 projects. 


What is Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 and why is it important? 

 FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft engineering-powered customer success program that enables our customers to achieve their desired business transformation goals by accelerating Dynamics 365 implementations and going live with confidence. 

 Available at no incremental cost to our customers, FastTrack for Dynamics 365 features learnings and experiences from over 15,000 cloud deployments and is delivered globally by best-in-class specialists and partners with real-world implementation experience. 

 FastTrack for Dynamics 365 advocates Success by Design as the delivery framework for FastTrack customers and/or partners. It provides a structure for the FastTrack solution architects and/or partners to effectively engage with customers in a timely and consistent manner to help them successfully onboard onto the Dynamics 365 platform. 


What are the advantages for Dynamics 365 Partners? 

 FastTrack draws on its proven Success by Design methodology to offer prescriptive guidance to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners like Mint. This framework empowers Mint to better architect, build, test and deploy your upcoming cloud implementation. 

 Thanks to FastTrack’s extensively project-tested strategy, Mint can accelerate your Dynamics 365 implementation significantly. In addition, Mint’s involvement in the FastTrack programme is an invaluable resource for ensuring your Dynamics 365 cloud continues to deliver value as expected. 

As part of Mint’s association with the FastTrack for Dynamics 365 portfolio model, FastTrack offers comprehensive support for Dynamics 365 cloud projects lacking a designated FastTrack Solution Architect, ensuring seamless collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) and engineering teams to tackle project and product challenges. A dedicated team within FastTrack facilitates this collaboration, providing empowerment to partner teams through in-depth dives into roadmaps, addressing hot topics, and offering tailored project governance libraries. Partners benefit from guidance, reviews, and implementation advice tailored to their project’s profile, drawing from Success by Design workshops, the FastTrack knowledge base, and joint prioritization of topics. Additionally, participation in the Partner Pulse executive feedback program enables partners to influence product and program direction, while assistance is provided in integrating Success by Design principles into project workstreams.


How did Mint qualify for this FastTrack engagement model?  

Mint puts a major emphasis on project excellence, and we’ve oriented our entire business to make the most of our FastTrack engagement. For one, Mint is also a Dynamics 365 Inner Circle Member – which means that we are among the top 1% of Dynamics partners globally. 

With five solution architects certified on MB-600 or MB-700 for Dynamics Customer Engagement and/or Dynamics 365 Unified Operations, Mint is poised to establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Dynamics 365, demonstrating a commitment to driving Success by Design (SbD) adoption across their project portfolio, tailored to project size and complexity. Additionally, Mint pledges to maintain core project information in the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal and actively participate in regular portfolio meetings. Their extensive experience in deploying cloud solutions further solidifies their alignment with the FastTrack program, reflecting years of dedicated effort and project excellence.


Ready to accelerate your Dynamics 365 Implementation? 

 Is your business embarking on the D365 journey soon and you are concerned about time, resources and partner expertise? Thanks to Mint’s participation in the FastTrack portfolio model, you will receive the expert guidance, accelerated adoption, and cutting-edge cloud solutions you are expecting. Let’s create tomorrow together. 

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