Detect security blind spots in your Azure cloud environment

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Managing cybersecurity in 2024 has become the equivalent of wrestling a bear. It’s constant vigilance against a hefty opponent that doesn’t stop seeking out every vulnerability and blind spot. As the year unfolds, some clear trends are emerging within this space. Credential theft, phishing, misinformation, identity theft and ransomware remain the most prevalent forms of attack, putting organisations at risk from both within and without. According to the PwC 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights report, mega breaches are on the increase, as is the cost of these breaches – companies with more than $10 billion have revealed breaches of around $7.2 million.

In another report, identity threats and authentication attacks were responsible for 64% of threats with organisations experiencing an average of eight incidents throughout the year. The Google Cloud Cybersecurity Forecast 2024 predicted that zero-day vulnerabilities will increase to the point where they exceed their 2021 record as edge devices and virtualisation software are the most targeted.  Hybrid and multi-cloud environments will also come under hacker scrutiny as hackers look for gaps in their security – a particularly pressing concern in light of the complexities involved in curating and managing these environments.

Companies need smart ways of staying ahead of the hacks and attacks with tools that minimise the admin burden and support robust overall security hygiene. As security teams focus on education, training, awareness, patching and every other cog in the cybersecurity wheel, they need support from solutions designed to mitigate the risks while lifting the burden.


Consider optimising from within

If you can find a way of capturing your data so it does your security heavy lifting, then you’re freeing up your teams to focus on more pressing problems within the business. Mint has developed SurveilMint, a comprehensive telemetry designed to work from within Microsoft 365, seeking the vulnerabilities and blind spots through advanced analytical capabilities.

SurveilMint is a surveillance-led solution that helps you understand your business optimisation, security and organisational controls with greater clarity. The added bonus is that it also helps you to maximise your Microsoft 365 investment by identifying wastage, condensing your cloud requirements, and boosting your ROI.

But first…security.

SurveilMint offers your organisation a comprehensive telemetry that includes core optimisations, analytics, customisable dashboards and alerts. It is an advanced approach to auditing, monitoring and optimising your Microsoft cloud technology so you are constantly aware of changes, vulnerabilities, risks and gaps within your system. The platform has been designed to help you save money and streamline your cloud infrastructure so your investments and licenses are working for you, not against you.

Some of the core benefits of SurveilMint include:

  • Saving up to 70% of your license costs by identifying wastage, duplications and opportunities to scale or upgrade.
  • A health check that provides the basic telemetry of your environment and opportunities to improve and secure your landscape.
  • Advanced managed services support that allows for round-the-clock monitoring so systems are running optimally and security is always a priority.


The goal of developing SurveilMint was to ensure our customers have a chance to experience genuine peace of mind where a trusted and powerful solution consistently assesses their environments to detect and report any issues or risks. It allows you to simplify your cloud management significantly, and gives your security teams a much needed gap of their own.