A fearless cloud journey with managed services from Mint

Black smartphone with a paper cloud on a dark background

There’s no debating the value of managed services for growth-focused organisations. Companies need access to next-generation technology capable of evolving with them – and they are evolving. How a company meets the needs of the market today cannot be the way it engages with the market in ten, even five, years time. This is a core challenge felt by enterprises globally as highlighted in the PwC 27th Annual Global CEO Survey early 2024. The survey found that 45% of CEOs believe their ‘company will not be viable in ten years if it stays on its current path’ – a figure up by 5% on 2023’s 40%. CEOs know that reinvention is central to success.

However, managing reinvention requires access to relevant technology, especially emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation that are central to staying competitive and agile. The radical reinvention of technology itself is also no small contributor to the complexity of the market and the demands placed on the business.


Which leaves most companies asking how…

How can the organisation capture the right technology and the right time so you can build stable digital foundations that allow for you to evolve and adapt at speed?

The answer lies in one of the core trends of 2024 – managed services. While not a new solution by any stretch of the digital imagination, managed services offer stability and access to the latest technology within a relevant architecture that fits your strategy. Companies need to manage, maintain and secure their infrastructure within a robust environment capable of withstanding the shocks of economy, demand and cybersecurity, but without the hefty price tag or the risk, and managed services do just that.

With Mint’s managed services portfolio, you can remove the challenges of managing your systems and reduce the pressures introduced by security, downtime and risk. We help you to grow your business while leveraging technology that’s relevant to you and that helps you build the resilience you need to thrive.

Our skillsets and toolkits are comprised of solutions that will take your business to the next level. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we use their trusted cloud technologies and services to build a digital cloud roadmap, mitigate your concerns, and plan your success strategy.


Some of the core elements we offer from within our managed services portfolio include:


We elevate your ability to deliver exceptional services to your clients and markets, increasing your value and equity and giving you the resilience and agility you need. Combined with your business acumen, our managed services help you excel in the modern market – we give you the tools you need to enhance your client understanding and engagements within an infrastructure that’s tightly managed so your risks are reduced and your capabilities optimised.


We partner with you. Together, we build a smarter business.