4 Attributes of Leaders Who Create Tomorrow

The world around us has seen major shifts in the last year, especially on a geopolitical and economic level. This increased uncertainty has made me more aware than ever that future-oriented leadership is a precious commodity that should be cultivated. Wit ...

Leadership Skills for Technology Companies

Change is Inevitable – Your Response is Your Choice

The quote: "Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing" is sometimes attributed to therapist and author Laurie Buchanan, and sometimes to well-known life and business strategist, Tony Robbins. Whoever said it first, the fact remains that the quote is ...

Using digital tools to create a better tomorrow.

Human Leadership without Compromise

Everything we do at Mint supports our mission: we create tomorrow by inspiring our employees, clients, partners and community to reach their full potential through innovative technology solutions.

after all we all human

We’re only Human after All  

All around the globe, there is a growing awareness that businesses have to treat employees like human beings, rather than workers whose only relevant wishes are company-related.