Your Ecosystem Has Evolved, But Have Your Licenses Kept Pace?

license optimisation

Remote working, seamless collaboration, intelligent architecture and security, and seamless compliance and customer service. These are the foundations on which organisations are building their futures in this, the age of the customer. Why? Because customer service and delight are the benchmarks of sustainable success at a time when markets and economies are mercurial and challenging. 


As a result, many organisations have invested into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem thanks to its proven return on investment (ROI), inherently agile digital capabilities and its value touchpoints across productivity, collaboration and process optimisation. According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study on the ROI felt by companies deploying Microsoft 365 E5, the ROI is 203% with a net present value (NPV) of nearly $5,000 per user. A similar study on the impact of Microsoft 365 for business on small to medium enterprises (SMEs) found that the ROI was 163% with a NPV of nearly $2k per user.   


The studies also found that by consolidating their licenses they could experience significant savings.  Companies using Microsoft 365 E5 could decrease their licensing costs by up to $70 per user per month. 


The challenge is, of course, to ensure your strategic investment into Microsoft 365, regardless of which version, is going to help you decrease costs per user while increasing ROI. This means ensuring your licensing is accurately aligned with what your employees are actually using so your business is only paying for what it needs. 


It’s essential that you have visibility into exactly how your organisation is using its investments and to understand what licenses are being under-utilised so you can maximise your Microsoft investment and see a significant cost saving. This visibility should extend into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem as well, offering you insight into how your organisation is using its investments into Microsoft Business Central, Finance and Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 


Mint has optimised ProActive Discover to provide organisations with an advanced evaluation methodology that digs deep into Microsoft 365 license usage, particularly Dynamics 365 with the Dynamics 365 License Optimiser. It is designed to highlight under-used licenses, taking your business on a clearly marked route to resolving unnecessary licensing costs while providing insight into where the business can benefit from increased operational efficiencies. The value extends into saving money on unnecessary costs whole ensuring that the business isn’t sacrificing functionality for money. 


Mint’s license optimising service provides you with a report that includes a business summary and key recommendations designed to help you streamline your Microsoft 365 investments. It takes less than15 minutes to set up the assessment tool and, once complete, it will offer clear visibility into how the business is operating and delivering on your investment expectations. 


There is no reason for your business to carry irrelevant licensing costs when you can optimise your spend without compromising on performance. We can help you map your evolving business requirements to solution capabilities as well as license requirements and quickly identify where you can save costs and improve productivity.  


License Optimisation   Maximise the value of your Microsoft 365 investment  


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