Getting Your Support Hands Dirty


Is your support digging deep into your business trenches?

Is your support sitting deep within the heart of your business? Is it part of the very fabric of your organisation – relevant, attuned, personalised and accessible? Usually, the answer to these questions is no… often, Microsoft Dynamics 365 support is a challenge. It is reactive and complex with unclear service level agreements (SLAs) and is limited in its visibility and capabilities. Sometimes, the answer is maybe…support is somewhat proactive with some transparency into SLAs and with a relatively decent return on investment.

EnhanceMint aims to ensure the answer to those questions is a very simple yes. Yes, it is support designed to be proactive and personalised, intensifying the productivity and efficiency of your business so you can focus on your core roles, functions and business strategies.



The goal of EnhanceMint is to provide you with a support matrix that provides you with visibility and helps you create an ecosystem that meets your needs and delivers clear return on investment (ROI). We have reinvented Microsoft Dynamics 365 support with an intelligent advisory that has far-reaching benefits for your business because it is a service experience, not a problem-solving box-ticking exercise.


To achieve this goal, Mint has created a triangle of support offerings with each one designed to meet your unique business needs.


Core EnhanceMint sits at the top of the triangle and forms part of our Managed Services Partner (MSP) service on our Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), offering you an efficient and capable support service alongside in-depth onboarding. Our Core offering ensures you are completely integrated into our Mint Service Desk and includes services such as Data Leakage Protection (DLP), multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control (RBAC), conditional access policies, backup and recovery, security audits and resource scaling.


Essential EnhanceMint is at the centre of the triangle and it provides you with a holistic support system which is integrated with your business strategy and has the ability to evolve alongside your business. The services included within Essential are extensive, but include:

– The ability to log incidents via email through the EnhanceMint ticketing system
– Clear communication on updates
– Workflow creation or modifications
– Monthly system health checks and environmental monitoring
– Critical situation support
– Unlimited logging of technical break-fix incidents


Premium EnhanceMint forms the foundation of the triangle and this support service brings an impressive array of support benefits to your business. Just like Essential EnhanceMint, Premium provides you with a holistic support ecosystem but it comes with extra flavour designed to ignite your digital transformation or IT strategy. Within the Premium EnhanceMint ecosystem, you will find:

– Customisations and development tools
– Migration and migration assessments
– EnhanceMint and Managed Application Services
– Training and development
– Security and security auditing
– Enhanced reporting and consultancy


All three re-imagine support. Why? Because your business deserves proactive, quality updates from a support infrastructure that’s built around proactive, personalised service. A solution focused on ensuring service is simple, insights are available, your SLA is understandable, and that collaboration and communication come standard. Plus, all these services are designed to allow you to experience next-generation support within a cost-effective ecosystem that has pricing flexibility.


Our EnhanceMint series gives you support that really digs down into the trenches of your business so our services fit your strategy and your needs.


EnhanceMint: Advanced D365 Support   Re-imagine your business support framework