Quack: it’s time to turn support from ugly duckling into a service-driven swan

Support is often the IT ugly duckling. Traditionally, it has been reactive and shaped by complicated service level agreements (SLAs) that are fuzzy around the edges with limited visibility and transparency. As a result it’s a grudge purchase – here’s my money because I need the security and stability offered by support, but I already know I’m not going to love the service I receive.

The problem is that traditional support tends to:

  • Send you to the wrong person. Often, when your business experiences a problem, the request for support isn’t channelled correctly so you either don’t get relevant support or you have to repeat the question until you get the right person.
  • Offer limited collaboration and strategy. Your support doesn’t have much visibility into your strategic roadmap so it isn’t collaborative and doesn’t meet your business at the right level.
  • Miss the personalisation boat. Fluctuating staff and demand means you aren’t receiving personalised service so your problems aren’t clearly communicated and the nuances of your business are not fully understood.
  • Offer limited transparency. You are not sure what you’re receiving or achieving with your current support expenditure or within our SLAs.
  • Have poor knowledge sharing. Support doesn’t know your business and you don’t know support and this lack of shared knowledge impacts efficiencies over the long and short term.


As a result, you probably feel like you’re not getting value for money from your support. What you want is for your support to hit the following notes:

  • Accessible
  • Easy to understand
  • Clearly defined SLAs
  • Visibility and transparency
  • Cost-effective with measurable ROI


Instead, your support usually gives you:

  • Convoluted
  • Complicated
  • Confusing
  • Expensive
  • Poor service and limited engagement
  • Outdated and out of touch with what your business needs


Which is why support is due a makeover.

You want your support to change and you would like this to be a lot easier than what you’re experiencing today. This is a challenge for most service providers when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 but there is no reason why support can transform from frustrating maze to a highly engaging ecosystem that meets your needs and delivers value for money.

It is also important. Organisations need to run smoothly to ensure they meet client and market expectations and support is key to ensuring this happens. So, when support is poor or frustrating, this leaks into the business.

Which is why Mint has invested into a transformed Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem – EnhanceMint. Our support is a unique approach that moves away from the traditional challenges by delivering visible and intelligent advisory services that have far reaching business benefits. EnhanceMint recognises that you want value for money with agile and proactive problem resolution that leaves traditional support in the past (where it belongs).

EnhanceMint delivers personalised service, strategic collaboration, transparency into what you’re receiving and achieving with your SLAs, and relevant support and training that empower your people. You also get to choose from three different tiers of support so you can opt into the service that best suits your business and your budget.

The three tiers include Core, Essential and Premium with each one ticking important business boxes. Core forms part of our Managed Services Partner (MSP) service within our Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) portfolio and ensures you get efficient and capable support alongside thorough onboarding. Essential delivers a holistic support system that aligns with your strategy and evolves to meet your needs while Premium helps you ignite your digital transformation or IT strategy within a rigorous support architecture.

All three re-imagine support.

Isn’t it time you re-imagined yours, with Mint?

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