Why Should you Upgrade or Change your CRM Platform?

what you need to change your crm

Executives battle to get optimal value from their customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This, a statement from Forrester, captures why it has become increasingly important for organizations to constantly assess and re-assess your CRM platform to ensure that it is a future fit and that it delivers return on its considerable investment.  

If your business is not seeing the value, if you are not able to leverage your CRM functionalities to gauge metrics and customer experiences, and if you cannot gain granular insights that serve your business, then it’s time to consider upgrading or changing your CRM platform. 

Okay, cool, but seriously, why should I go to all the trouble of upgrading or changing my CRM platform? 

Good question.  

First, it’s because your CRM platform is designed to make your life easier and provide you with high-level visibility into your customer experiences and expectations so you can consistently meet those expectations and refine those experiences. If you can ensure that every last customization, every report, and every inch of data meets these needs, then you are going to see measurable benefits in the short and the long term. Upgrading a platform that isn’t meeting its full potential is far more cost-effective than replacing it, and the customizations won’t be lost, they’ll be refined. 

Secondly, an upgrade will allow you to add new features and functionalities that have become available and that can potentially refine your existing CRM processes at a neater price point. You can fully realise the potential of fresh and shiny CRM tools and enjoy measurable changes to your operations and customer management while still squeezing as much value as possible from your current CRM investment. 

In third place is the desire to scale, and this is where an upgrade or change will support your changing business needs. You may find that your system isn’t quite keeping up with the demands of different departments or that certain functions aren’t integrating as well as they used to or that perhaps your system has become convoluted and confusing. These are often signs that your CRM hasn’t grown with your business and needs the technology equivalent of a Red Bull shot up the technology veins.  

Fourth, your teams aren’t enjoying the platform and feel that it impacts on their performance rather than enhances it. If this is the case – and this is often the case – then you can use an upgrade to enhance your system in alignment with what your people expect and need. Find out what your sales teams find useless and what they find useful and unpack how your existing CRM platform isn’t quite meeting their expectations, then use these insights to investigate an upgrade or a change that will transform how sales engage with both the platform and your customers. 

Finally, you can collaborate with Mint because we have the expertise to help you unpack exactly what you expect from your CRM system and how to upgrade, tweak, change and scale it to fit those expectations.  

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