Inspire Creativity with Intelligent App Functionality and Microsoft Create


The wonder that is Microsoft Create

Welcome to the business of the future. Here, people are inspired to create new ways of working, create their own content, and create connections that build rich organizational cultures and opportunities. It is a future that’s been shaped by the challenges of the pandemic and refined by the needs of a workforce that wants more from the office than 9-5, a desk and watercooler gossip. 

 As the Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index highlighted – ‘giving people agency to do their best work is not only in their best interest – it’s good for business.’ And this means creating spaces and opportunities for people to do their best, reimagine how they work, and bring creativity into every aspect of their work. 

Enter Microsoft Create 

 Microsoft Create is designed for use within the business and to inspire employees to take their own creativity in new directions. It includes a plush pile of features that will help employees to better connect with customers, build more engaging internal experiences and collaborate across projects and content with ease. 

 This smart toolset comes with: 

  • Templates that are pre-designed so that anyone can get started with creating content across multiple platforms and channels. From social media to videos to presentations to marketing collateral, Microsoft Create includes a pile of templates that make it easy to create content.  
  • Tools and walkthroughs that simplify the overall creation process. You don’t need design training or skills to be able to use the tools either, anyone can get started with Microsoft Create and learn how to build beautiful content. This empowers your people and supercharges your content.  
  • Integration across multiple Microsoft 365 applications that include Designer, Clipchamp, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Forms. You can then interchange design, text, video and style across the different tools so your content fits the platform and your objectives. You can fundamentally reimagine how company presentations look and feel, and how interactive they are, with this tool. 

Microsoft 365 Create is still in the early days of its development. It does come with tons of templates that are broken down into specific categories to make life easier, or you can build your own templates if you prefer, but it is still only available in English and you have to sign up to Microsoft Designer to gain access to customization tools.  

While Microsoft Create is still finding its digital feet, its set to become an invaluable business tool across all layers of the organization. It’s not just for the creative types – it can be used by the C-Suite to build exceptional presentations and vlogs that connect with customers and employees; by marketing teams to create internal content; by HR to undertake a litmus test of the company mood through surveys and quizzes; by project managers to upgrade planning and tracking documents and make them more accessible and intuitive for all users. 

Creative solutions and visually-driven communication are key to igniting positivity and engagement within a hybrid or remote working environment. It is creative communication that ensures the modern workplace can thrive across multiple geographies and timelines with coherent content and accessible insights. 

Our extensive experience within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem makes us the perfect partner to help you get the most from your investment, including optimizing smart tools like Microsoft Create within your unique operating environment. Get in touch, and let us help you create a highly visual and engaging dialogue within your business, and with your customers.  


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