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Why should you opt-in for a Microsoft 365 Health Check?  

Everyone understands the benefits of regular health checks: an annual dental checkup, cholesterol screening, blood sugar, the list is long … and necessary. But what about your business? Are you spending enough time ensuring that you are running efficiently, and at optimal productivity levels?

Mint’s short-term Microsoft 365 Health Check is the first word in a productive conversation around optimization, security, and organizational control. With read-only access for 21 days, our Health Check can tell you everything you need to know about your Microsoft environment, giving you a clear view of the future. It’s like an electrocardiogram … but without all those finickity electrodes!

How does it work?

The M365 Health Check is the first step in better understanding your Microsoft 365 environment – allowing you to take decisive action on cost optimization, adoption, and security. Powered by the Mint platform’s powerful analytical capabilities, the M365 Health Check provides a summarized snapshot of current and forecasted licensing spend, potential savings opportunities, areas of risk, and solution usage.

What does the health check cover?

To maximize the value on offer, the Health Check report contains both summary and deep-reaching insights – starting with a brief overview of findings on our Health Check Analytics dashboard.

The report then dives beyond this initial surface-level view to explore the cost, usage, wastage, and optimization opportunities across highly relevant areas of M365 – including O365 consumption, product activations and licensing spend.​

As well as providing the high- and low-end saving estimates, the Health Check Analytics Dashboard also offers a summary of key M365 areas: 

  • Finances demonstrates areas for potential license savings, a glimpse into inactive accounts, and an overview of monthly spend.
  • Optimization provides estimates into the range of savings achievable, as well as identifying inactive licenses and re-classification opportunities.
  • Joiners and Leavers offers a look into ‘total’ and ‘active’ accounts across line-of-business and time.​

Additional observations

Beyond the initial overview, the Health Check also surfaces additional observations – offering a quick insight into other key areas of your M365 environment. ​

Included in these additional observations is a summary of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) usage among Administrator Accounts, a snapshot of JML security, and potential license optimizations.

What’s in it for you?

Much like your annual checkup with your friendly GP, the Microsoft 365 Health Check just makes good sense.

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Easy onboarding with short-term, read-only access
  • Identify potential cost savings and productivity improvements
  • Identify existing security and governance risks in your environment
  • Use the Health Check report to inform your Microsoft 365 conversation
  • Start your Microsoft 365 journey with a low-risk, no-obligation activity

In conclusion

To summarize, the Health Check Report is packed with a host of important insights:

  • License spend and optimization summary​
  • NCE licensing
  • Secure score​
  • Security overview​
  • O365 usage​
  • AD account distribution​
  • Administrative roles​
  • JML​
  • Product activations​
  • Power Platforms​
  • Cloud app usage​
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