Power BI: Visual and Intuitive Data Reporting

Power BI helps you optimise the value of your data when you need it most. The pandemic and the resulting move to hybrid work models turned data management into a top priority for South African businesses virtually overnight. As the world we live in continues to become more digital, organisations are looking to remain competitive, with technology adding to their success. Companies must invest in innovative solutions to keep up with the pace, but managing technology investments can be daunting.

As organisations add digital assets along their digital transformation journey, managing them requires a plan. This is where Power BI can help.

Power BI is the self-service business analytics tool provided by Microsoft, which is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI is intuitive data reporting which is needed to create a roadmap for your business. With this visual you easily see what is working or not at a snapshot. With its dynamic reporting you will have a clear view of what is required in order to reach your goals as well as gain insights into what your customers are looking for.

Power BI is the key to unlocking the secrets behind what drives your customer needs and how you as a business are responding and delivering on these needs.

Advances in technology are transforming industries at a foundational level. Tools like artificial intelligence and analytics are maturing at an incredible rate, driving efficiency and growth among businesses large and small.

Power BI enables you to connect to several diverse data sources and retrieve the relevant data into the Power BI data model. Once the data is within Power BI, the users can modify, shape and transform this data according to the reporting needs. This transformed data can be then visualised in the form of charts and graphs, which make is exceptionally user friendly to get insights on. These visualisations can be used to support various situations like trends, forecasting, inventory and asset management as well as worse case scenarios and other predictions.

Empower your team to become data experts and analysts without impacting your cashflow, with the simple plug in and play functionality of Power BI. Knowing your data is essential to be ready for the digital future, will lay the foundation for any digital project and will help digital leaders to solve many of their current problems, but most importantly, it will create a great customer, broker and employee experience.

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