Microsoft Viva Insight

Enhance employee well-being and productivity

What is Microsoft Viva Insight?

Microsoft Viva Insight is powered by the Microsoft Viva Platform and is designed to provide your organization with tools and insights that help you to refine employee experiences and drive engagement and well-being. The Viva Insight Pillar comprises Viva Pulse and Viva Insights.

With Viva Insights you can get personalized recommendations to improve your work and wellbeing. Tap into moments of gratitude, reflection, and mindfulness. Take regular breaks and encourage positive team dynamic behaviours.

With Viva Pulse, you can use insights, analytics and trends to transform employee interactions and give managers the information they need to truly connect with their teams.

Viva Pulse

Viva Pulse is designed to empower managers and team leads. Used within your Microsoft ecosystem, it gives employees a voice and allows for leadership to identify pain points and bottlenecks while recognizing what works well and how to optimize processes further.

Empower managers and team leaders

Give your employees a voice

Regular, confidential feedback

Research-driven question library ignites the right conversations

Sentiment analysis and trends

Intelligent action and learning suggestions based on received feedback

Identify pain points and bottlenecks

Identify positive pathways and optimized outcomes

Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Glint

Viva Insights

Connect, reflect and drive actionable insights

Stay connected – Stay on top of collaboration with colleagues through features such as AI-based task suggestions and meeting assistance

Protect time – Find more time to eliminate distractions, stop multi-tasking, and focus on core priorities

Send praise – Send acclaim to employees and co-workers, either in a private chat or in a Teams channel conversation

Reflect – Take a moment to check in with themselves, to reflect on how they’re feeling

Headspace – Experience a guided meditation from Headspace

Take a break – During the workday, take an occasional one-minute "breathing break."

Start a virtual commute – Mindfully close out their workday

Use Microsoft To-Do – Take action on a task in their to-do list

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