With ProActive™ it’s all systems go!

Drive your business forward with ProActive™ Discover and ProActive™ Transform. Advanced, modern methodologies that de-risk digital transformation and deliver predictable time and cost savings and rapid time to value.

What is ProActive™?

De-risk. Save costs and time. Assure quality.

ProActive™ is a unique, advanced methodology that de-risks digital transformation initiatives by simplifying, standardizing and automating key phases in what is otherwise a protracted, unpredictable and high-risk process.

ProActive™ offers the IT world’s most advanced and effective methodology for the evaluation, analysis, design, de-risking and implementation of business applications, including:

What’s more, it does so at significantly less cost and time than traditional methods, all while increasing quality and without compromise.

Your time, risk and cost-saving digital transformation accelerator

ProActive™ massively compresses the time and effort required to assess and then specify business systems precisely matched to our needs and goals... In our experience, nobody else but Mint can do this – and certainly not at this speed, or with the ProActive™ blend of technology, processes and sheer business applications expertise.

Discover, then Transform – for rapid time to value

Simple, predictable automation to accelerate your move to a new business system or system upgrade

The ProActive™ Way

A quick and accurate solution estimate for improved decision making.

Typically 10-20 minutes

For fast, easy system evaluation, analysis and best-fit.

Typically 2-5 weeks

For detailed, rapid and cost-effective system design, specification and implementation planning.

Typically 4-10 weeks

Total time to value (evaluation to business case and RFQ): typically 6–15 weeks dependant on size and nature of your business requirement

The Traditional Way

Total time from initial system evaluation to design and specification: typically 6–12 months.

Total time inputs required from the business: unpredictable and often excessively high.

Low Touch, High Value, Instant Engagement

ProActive™ Qualify provides a simple and user-friendly online questionnaire where you can answer questions about your business objectives and requirements and receive an immediate 2-page project estimation.

It’s quick and easy, taking between 10 and 20 minutes, and relieves you of the pressure of committing to further engagements.

The first step to ensuring a smooth and successful transformation of your business processes.

Qualify currently offers estimates for Business Central, CRM and Finance and Supply Chain Management.  

Your 12-step ProActive™ Roadmap to Success

Based on decades of experience in successfully delivering digital transformation, the ProActive™ Discover and Transform stages each consist of six clear steps. This makes the whole ProActive™ process transparent and easy to follow for all contributors and stakeholders in your business.

Discover and Transform can be purchased independently, with the Discover stage typically a pre-requisite for the Transform stage.

It’s the easiest way to learn more and there’s no obligation to proceed further.

Without ProActive™: the odds are against you!

15 %

Only 39% of all business systems projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the required features and functions

Mitigate risk, cut time and costs, assure quality

Reduce your system evaluation time by over 60%

Cut your solution design costs by up to 50%

Shrink your completion time by at least 30%

Bring down overall project costs by up to 40%

Ensure project success with a gurantee of 100%

What systems and solutions can be accelerated and de-risked using ProActive™?

ProActive™ currently enables the rapid evaluation, analysis, design and implementation planning of the following business systems and solutions.

Data and Analytics

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Dynamics 365 Support

Coming Soon

What makes ProActive™ unique?

ProActive™: a transformative solution that is systematically superior

Other systems evaluation and design methodologies exist, but they only offer a fraction of the analytical power, intelligence and time and cost savings of ProActive™.

ProActive™ goes so much further by offering:

Unique Mint IP and expertise for optimum de-risking

Innovative automation and predictable time and cost savings

Blended online and consultative person-to-person approach

Full and thorough engagement with business needs and all necessary stakeholders

Critical information and insights that are typically not revealed by alternative approaches

No compromise on quality at any stage – from system analysis to implementation roadmap

Get started with ProActive™ now!

It’s easy and there’s no obligation. Simply choose the route that best suits you.

Complete our free, online self-service Qualify, which should take you around 15 minutes or complete the form below to speak with a ProActive™ specialist.

Not ready yet?

Learn more about the initial Discover stage and the follow-on Transform stage of ProActive™ and how they can rapidly reveal and deliver the full benefits of new systems precisely matched to your business needs and goals.