Microsoft Viva Connection

Inform, include and inspire your employees

What is Microsoft Viva Connection?

Microsoft Viva is all about empowering the employee and driving business growth. The Connection part of the Microsoft Viva platform leverages two key tools: Viva Amplify and Viva Engage. These are designed to help leaders and managers connect more effectively with their employees, and to keep everyone informed through transparent and vibrant communities within your business ecosystem.

Microsoft Viva Connection implemented by Mint SA will enhance your employee experiences and drive retention with a connected culture and interconnected company.

Viva Amplify

It’s time to streamline your communication and engage with your employees wherever they are.

Centralise communication in a single space

Leverage professional writing guidance to create clear messages that resonate

Measure communication outcomes

Use analytics to assess message success and drive constant improvements

Communicate across multiple channels such as Outlook, SharePoint, Viva and more

Optimise content to fit your chosen distribution channels

Elevate your messages and be consistent

Viva Engage

The Leadership Corner helps you connect with your employees within existing communities and to give people more insight into who their leaders are through dialogue and personalized views

Create personalized views of leaders for employees

Showcase leadership activity and communications

Ignite discussion between leaders and employees

Drive two-way communication across communities and touchpoints

Actionable insights and recommendations to support leaders and employees

Build relationships

Assess the impact of leadership messaging

Ask Me Anything events and surveys

Intuitive dashboards to track metrics and employee sentiment

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