The Thing with Content – Part 2

In the previous instalment, I spoke a little about issues companies face in their content management practice as related to information security and integrity. In part 2, I’m picking up where I left off, airing more dirty laundry – I mean content issues – ...


The Thing with Content – Part 1

Content – information – is my life. I’ve never quite understood why organizations don’t do more to get the full value out of the content at their fingertips. I mean, yes, of course, there are the gods of Google and the Book of Faces who absolutely have fo ...

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The Dawn Of The Cloud-Born Business

Our environments are becoming digitally tactile landscapes that monitor and adapt to their inhabitants, and our reality is being augmented by digital information that is becoming an ever-more universal and interactive part of our existence. Learning machines think for us, improve our decision-making processes and automate the mundane aspects of our lives