What is ERP?

Proactive & Powerful Business with ERP

Link organisational processes and enable data to flow seamlessly between system users, using ERP software – the nervous system of a company’s day-to-day operations and data storage.

What is ERP?

Understanding ERP Business Solutions – ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is the integration of multiple core processes needed to run a company into one single software system. Using effective ERP systems, an enterprise can connect daily business operations across all departments – finance, HR, project management, risk and compliance management, supply chain operations, manufacturing, and more.

Enterprise resource planning allows team members to make unified decisions, based on actionable and real-time insights.

Why ERP?

The primary objective of implementing an ERP system is to enhance your collaborative business efficiency by improving how organisational resources are managed and utilized. ERP helps to streamline and optimise resources – without sacrificing performance quality- resulting in increased business growth, productivity and profitability.

ERP systems are customised to cover all phases of organisational processes. One of the greatest values of ERP software is the user’s ability to accumulate and analyse metrics across departments, in order to provide multiple reports based on individual user purposes and preferences.

Be empowered – an ERP system liberates you from having to manually maintain separate databases and spreadsheets, ultimately providing you with synchronized, automated reporting for the entire organisation. That’s valuable insight, real-time data and streamlined business decisions, at a fraction of the time and cost than ever before.

System integration across departments

Integration with third-party applications

One common database

Consistent user infrastructure across all departments and components

Cloud-hosted, on-premise or SaaS deployed - you choose

What are the Benefits of ERP Software?

Before ERP systems were available, collaboration between multiple worksites, and even departments, took far more time and human resources to achieve. Updates to progress reports and business data were slow and manual, especially for large, international corporations.
ERP systems have transformed workflow visibility, allowing companies of any size to operate from a common database, accessing and inputting real-time data and reports.

Collect data, run analytics and refine reporting methods with an ERP software solution’s business intelligence capabilities – designed to give you a real-time picture of your business as and when things happen, for fast, accurate decisions that impact your business – for the better.
Managing internal communication is critical to smooth business operations and minimizes misunderstandings and mistakes. ERP systems offer communication tools that organise files, scanned and digital documents, email communication, texts and even phone call recordings. Ensure that your workforce remains up to date, in touch, and moving forward with effective enterprise resource planning.

ERP’s uniform operational system is efficiently integrated with third-party applications, enabling your company to streamline business processes, better utilise resources, and improve supply chain management – saving you on unnecessary expenses and losses.

Never be afraid to present customized reports to partners or shareholders again – because ERP systems operate on shared databases, information is accurate and reports are easily customizable. Present clear and accurate KPI metrics and empower entire teams to increase productivity and profitability with data-driven business solutions.

If your company handles a lot of sensitive, confidential information, a single ERP system can keep your data safe and accessible in one place, while helping you to eliminate data duplication, which often results in discrepancies and costly mistakes.
ERP risk management tools offer you additional security and automated audits to protect your company from potential fraud.

ERP systems have been shown to inspire a higher adoption rate by businesses, by offering team members consistent software across all departments that empowers them with accurate data and seamless communication.

The Business Case for ERP

Scheduling Automation

Customer Satisfaction

Competitive Advantage


Digitally Transform

Face Your Collaboration Challenges with ERP

Take the lead on business operations with a verified ERP software solution. SAY NO TO:

Obstructions to Productivity

Help your people to achieve more, with fewer resources, by streamlining communication and automating your core business processes.

Inaccurate and Vague Data

Reduce duplicated data and create a single source of truth, so that powerful decisions can be made quickly based on real-time facts.

Manual Reporting

Optimise and share business and financial reporting with the click of a button, so that your teams can analyse KPI’s, hone tactics and improve performance fast.

Increased Risks

Combat the risk of fraudulent practices and non-compliance with an ERP system that tracks user activity, conducts automated audits and stores important compliance and control documents on one secure digital location.

Complex IT

Simplify your company IT with integrated, innovative ERP applications that provide user-friendly access to a shared database.

Segregated Teams

Eliminate employees working in siloed units while leaning on unintegrated data and systems.

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reduction in operational costs seen after ERP implementation
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Why You Should Choose Mint ERP Solutions

The benefits of conducting daily business operations from a centralized ERP system are indisputable. As Microsoft Partners, Mint Group delivers collaborative excellence, streamlined communication and the added benefits of artificial intelligence through Microsoft ERP dashboards that are user-friendly and easily integrated into multiple operating systems. With Mint South Africa, businesses approach enterprise resource planning with confidence. You get to choose your ERP solution that is catered to your business for more affordable option for SME’s with Dynamics 365 Business Central that is extremely flexible. Or more tailored solutions for with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations geared at Companies 250 employees or more.

Move to cloud-based ERP, fast

Enjoy fast and flexible deployment of a new business model that operates reliably, securely and with endless options to adapt and grow as your business grows in the Cloud.

Augment productivity with reliable business insights

Make better decisions using real-time data, while providing seamline connectivity and communication to people, automated processes and current insights - all accessible from a single integrated system that is efficiently run from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Accelerated financial insights and management

Improve financial forecasting with real-time performance metrics and accelerated financial closing, every time. Develop a central location for compliance and security across all business divisions using a Mint ERP business solution.

Enhance customer experience and boost sales

Using Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft-based ERP solutions, we equip you with the tools to take better care of your customers, deliver powerful outcomes and improve your entire sales process performance.

Complete projects on time, every time

Help teams to meet deadlines with successful project execution, on time and under budget, with efficient enterprise resource planning that tracks procedures, manages costs and billing, reports to accounting and delivers real-time intelligence every step of the way.

Maximise supply chain management

We help you to optimise your stock, deliver products on time, and adapt to a growing business model and environment by providing visibility across procurement, manufacturing, stock control, and warehouse management.

We help you to empower your team collaboration, procurement and sales processes with adaptable enterprise resource planning tailored to your business – meeting you where you’re at today. If you want to find out more about our ERP and other business solutions, get in touch with us directly at (contact details), or complete the below contact form for a fast call-back.

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