Pushing Cloud-based transformation

Mint’s implementation teams worked tirelessly to truly understand clients’ requirements and levels of maturity, he adds and then forged ahead with solutions delivering tangible business value. “The aim is to stay flexible and responsive. We realise what we did last time isn’t necessarily what we should do this time.”


4 CRM Trends To Ignite 2019

As technology continues to evolve the world becomes even more connected with customer expectations evolving on an ongoing basis. Therefore, your CRM strategy should be based on a system that can seamlessly adapt to trends, unlock potential and ensure that, no matter where interconnectivity takes you, your customers will follow.

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Employee engagement in the latest Dynamics 365 release

Dynamics 365 for Talent is a game-changer for businesses that rely on attracting talented people and helping them realise their potential. The innovation starts in the hiring process, where LinkedIn integration drives improved candidate pipeline development and analytics data leads to smarter hiring decisions.

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Marketing wizardry with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation application that empowers businesses with intelligent features and processes to turn leads and prospects into profitable clients. The application is user-friendly and designed for the creatively complex mind of a true marketeer. 


Why CFO’s Love AI-Powered CRM’s

Written by: Mint Group CFO, Yvonne Dias As a CFO, a love of data comes naturally. Data that drives processes brings me to my happy place, and when that data is provided in real-time I am ecstatic! That is one of the main reasons why I am a big fan of Dy ...