Vision Verify

A trusted identity verification AI-driven solution for safe transactions

What is Vision Verify?

Vision Verify is a suite of services and apps that lets you verify, identify, detect and build trust between people – clients, staff and customers.

Vision Verify is a digital solution to a physical distance problem. As the world moves to a more remote state, businesses are becoming more reliant on technology to enhance their current processes.

Using the advancements in facial recognition, liveliness detection and identity-document validation, it enables your organisation to unlock the power of AI for the human touch.

Watch the Vision Verify Product in Action

Bulletproof, trusted identity with facial, object and document recognition

Integrate Seamless Identity Procedures Into Your Business Processes In 5 Easy Steps


Accessible verification link

Ask someone to engage; by email, SMS, WhatsApp or just inviting them to visit our website with a code.


Fast, easy, accurate

Invitee takes a picture of any ID, submits three selfies; and answers a simple question

*All in less than one minute


Verification and completion

Using a proprietary approach that proves liveness, identity, and cross-checks against several third-party references, our AI-driven engine provides bulletproof identity in seconds


Engage with Confidence

All parties will be notified of success. You can now engage with this person with absolute confidence

Our optional integration modules can also insert them straight into your systems if you choose


Understand & interact

Automatically process forms; face-and-voice-driven kiosks, for greetings or display; and digital signature of any content

Gain the benefits of Digital Identity Management with AI

Remote, fast and easy validation of any person

Complete FICA process in under 2 minutes

Liveness checks ensure that the verified person is present and not being faked

Object recognition ensures accurate scanning and extraction of documents

FICA clients using a global Home Affairs database

REST service and Azure events ensure simple integration into your current systems and process

Gain data-driven client insights to create improved customer service

Integrated into MS Teams to allow seamless verification process

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