Defining and Growing the Mint Group Community

Defining and Growing the Mint Group Community

The Mint Mission statement is truly a declaration of intent and purpose, and with our latest inclusion of Community, we certainly see a new dawn for a more holistic Mission Statement. While Community is such an integral sphere within which all companies operate, sadly, only a few are willing to recognize this.  

Mint has however evolved and developed to recognize the importance of community impact, as a natural extension of its People First approach, which is deeply cherished within the Mint ecosystem, made up of employees, clients, partners, and community.  

Every day, our Minties live the value of the People First approach and empower the community through initiatives, designed to better the lives of those around us.  

The Growth of Ekukhanyeni and Sekolo sa Dinaledi 

Ekukhanyeni translates to ‘bring into light’ and our Minties have indeed been a special part of bringing a mountain of light and hope to various hearts. Impacting an estimated 1200 children and 40 teachers annually, Mint makes an incredible impact on the success of this organization, through various resources, not least of which is the current ECD Management application being developed by Mint, to improve education quality and efficiency in ECD Centres.  

 Sekolo sa Dinaledi Trust also positively impacts the community as it seeks to enable the vision of 500 000 children through ECD Centres by 2030. Mint is actively engaging new donors to support the expansion of both Ekukhanyeni and Sekolo sa Dinaledi. 

We will be hosting a fundraiser dinner this November, and intend to raise sufficient funds, that will enable the growth of 10 full centers in 2022.  

There are an estimated 3 million children who do not attend the early child development phase. The insufficient focus in this area is what drives Mint to want to nurture this critical stage of education, and help young children to successfully go through school, and, get good employment opportunities and build a successful career for themselves.  

Tech For Good  

Being in the technology industry with growing innovations has inspired Mint to use its expertise and skills to grow the education sector.  

We are excited to have put our passion for #TechForGood to great use.  Mint has developed an interactive app for teachers to use in classrooms for managing attendance. We are working towards phase 2 of this solution, and enhancing the app, to enable the management of child assessments using smart AI-powered dashboards.

The Ubuntu EmpowerMint Programme  

In intent to bridge the digital gap in the Information Communication Technology sector, we actively cultivate our ethos, ‘create tomorrow’, by empowering start-ups, exempt micro-enterprises, and small qualifying enterprises to transform and grow in the economy.  

As one of Microsoft’s leading partners, we actively work toward ensuring that we grow the Microsoft ecosystem, extending our skills and expertise to drive a robust and pioneering community of ICT professionals. 

The Ubuntu EmpowerMint Progam has witnessed the development of various businesses, which we’re proud to be a part of. Our mentorship, advisory and training have proved to be of value in helping our partners to reach their full potential and lead with effective business projects.   

The DotUnity Initiative  

While support can and sometimes is given from afar, we at Mint like to be hands-on, going into our immediate communities to learn, engage and add value through our internal CSI initiative, DotUnity. 

Inclusive and valuable to our company culture, we encourage every Mintie to take part in our DotUnity pursuits by donating, motivating, and helping communities to thrive in their schooling, home, and work-life. Focussing on support, enablement, and solidarity, Mint has been able to build its internal hub of people who are giving and compassionate towards serving others. Mint has placed a huge focus on inclusivity, with a large investment in driving impact in our immediate communities. 

There are many other heart-warming and significant community contributions that Minties make, to other credible community causes. As individuals and the business in its entirety, we are fulfilled by the positive influence we are able to give to children, schools, societies, and families.